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6 Reasons to choose Hartford Steam

1. Ensuring reliability
2. Creating comfort
3. Simplifying operations
4. Connecting to flexibility
5. Saving capital
6. Being green

Ensuring reliability
When the Hartford Steam Company goes to work for you, you can be assured of top-quality, dependable service – service that has been the cornerstone of our business for more than 40 years.

But what’s behind our service? A team of experts who are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hartford Steam’s district energy systems are automated and monitored around the clock, plus they are equipped with multiple fuels, boilers and chillers that give us – and our customers – significant redundancy. We also adhere to a strict maintenance program to minimize interruptions.

Creating comfort
District energy service helps you manage and control your indoor environment to suit your specific needs. That means you can keep your tenants both comfortable and satisfied, no matter what the outdoor temperature.

You can be assured of having near-perfect temperature control throughout the year, even on evenings, weekends and shoulder seasons. That's because Hartford Steam’s heating and cooling service is available whenever you need it. In addition, district energy reduces vibrations and noise problems and frees up building space so more room is available for storage.

Simplifying operations
When you choose district energy, you can count on worry-free heating and cooling that's delivered directly to your building . . . and ready to use. You’ll no longer have on-site boilers, chillers or cooling towers to install, operate, maintain or replace – saving you time, trouble and money.

Hartford Steam makes your building operations easier by eliminating the need for fuel deliveries, handling and storage so there are fewer safety and liability concerns for employees and tenants. Plus you’ll have less maintenance, monitoring and equipment. And that means that your tenants, rather than your energy operations, can be your focus.

Connecting to flexibility
Flexibility is a major benefit of district heating and cooling. For starters, Hartford Steam has fuel flexibility at our plants, so we can use oil, natural gas or electricity – whichever is most economical. And because we deal in such large volumes, we realize economies of scale and shop around for the best prices. Plus, since heating and cooling are available year ‘round, you can heat and cool different areas of a building at the same time.

Even architects benefit from district energy’s flexibility since it enables them to more easily design or renovate your building, as they don’t need to accommodate smoke stacks, boilers, chillers and cooling towers.

Saving capital
When you decide to use district heating and cooling, you no longer need boilers, chillers or cooling towers, so you can reduce your upfront capital requirements and ongoing operating, maintenance and labor costs.

For example, you can eliminate principal and interest payments and property taxes that are associated with new boiler and chiller installations; insurance and annual maintenance contracts; and costs associated with operating boilers, chillers and cooling towers. Since little other equipment is required, you can use the extra space for storage or revenue-producing purposes. The cost savings you realize can be used to finance other building improvements or tenant amenities.

Being green
At Hartford Steam, we monitor our district energy systems ‘round-the-clock to ensure the most efficient use of energy, so we use less fuel and have fewer emissions.
And when district energy arrives at your door, the steam, hot water and chilled water are 100 percent efficient and ready to use. You don’t need to burn fuels to produce the heating and cooling you need, so no fuel is wasted.

Plus, Hartford Steam employs stringent emission controls at our plants, more than is possible at individual buildings, and we remain in full compliance and up-to-date with ever-changing environmental regulations. Back to top

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