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Pre-cooling – Optimizing Summer Comfort

How do you keep your building cool on the hottest days of the year?


Pre-cooling a building may be required – and significantly helpful – when the outside air temperature is forecast to be significantly above a design cooling day.

During prolonged periods of heat, customers connected to Hartford Steam’s district chilled-water loop can help ensure desired set points within their buildings by, first, purging the building of warm daytime air using the cool night air.

Then early in the morning, say between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m., start up chilled-water air handlers and pre-cool to the desired temperature before temperatures begin to rise. This will allow for comfortable and consistent air temperatures during the day and may avert setting a new chilled-water peak demand later in the day.

From time to time during prolonged warm summer days and Monday mornings when weekends are warm, Hartford Steam will call customers and ask if they will pre-cool their buildings. Through these efforts, we can better keep up with the system load while maintaining cool supply temperatures when needed during the warmest times of the day.

So remember: Customer cooperation in pre-cooling buildings during prolonged periods of excessive heat is critical to the overall comfort and success of your cooling loop. Thank you for your cooperation!

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